Why You Should Take Advantage of a Business Internet Marketing Opportunity

Many people that go on the Internet have no idea what a business Internet marketing opportunity is and I can actually relate to them because when I first started it was the last thing on my mind. This is actually an opportunity that’s available online that you can join and become a business member of it and begin promoting it. Usually they offer some kind of service or product for you to promote. Many people come across these all the time but totally ignore it just because they don’t know how to use it on how to promote it.

The key to take advantage of the business Internet marketing opportunity is to join one that you actually are willing to do on a consistent basis. The easiest way to do this is to find something that you actually have a passion for, as I mentioned before there are a lot of them in the Internet so just take time to do research on them and choose the one that you like. But believe me the time that you spend doing the research and choosing one will be beneficial in the long run as you continue to build your business.

Not many people willing to dedicate the time necessary to doing the research on a business Internet marketing opportunity and it cost them a lot of money and time down the road. This is a great tip that I didn’t know when I first started in the only way that I ended up finding out and realizing the mistake that I was doing was from experience. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur or aiming to be one to take this tip into consideration and always do your research.

Taking advantage of an Internet marketing opportunity is a step in the right direction but that is just the tip of the iceberg, the link in the resource box below will give more insightful information that will be beneficial for you to know.

Small Business Email Marketing – How to Improve Your Marketing ROI

IPT Ltd recently released some survey results that proved very interesting reading. They asked the public what they considered to be the most effective marketing medium. There were no surprises to see that TV came first with 37%, but a surprising second was email, which came in at 32%! Which approach do you think will generate the best return for a small business? Yes, small business email marketing!

Obviously, you will need the contact details of your customers as well as any new prospects, for your small business email marketing plan to succeed.

There are two ways that you can get people visiting your business to give you their contact details. Get them to fill out a form on the premises for you to manually upload later or, (the best option), direct them to your website where they can fill in a opt in form.

To ensure that people actually want to give you their details, you’ll need to offer them some kind of incentive. Buy One Get One Free offers, competitions, and even valuable free information do a good job. Every person who fills in the opt in form becomes a member of your email “club”, people you’ll be able to contact time after time.

There is a well known business maxim that goes “people only do business with people they like” and if we add ‘know and trust’ then there you have the goal of online email marketing. Each email you send will build up trust and the likelihood that the email prospect will buy from you when the time is right.

Email marketing for small businesses is a really good business-building decision for all small businesses. As well as being a extremely cost effective, emails build trust, credibility and enable you to send messages to your customers or clients at a time when they are ready to purchase, whether that is the 3rd email you send, 14th or 154th!

A good small business email marketing approach to take is to describe a problem that your target market has, and suggest your product or service as a solution. As you show understanding of the problem, on a subconscious level your email recipient will know that you can solve it. Another way is to provide useful tips people can use, as this demonstrates knowledge and expertise. Also sending an email with a coupon that can be printed out and used as a discount is good business email marketing approach as well.

The same research completed by IPT also shows that most influential aspect of an email communication is discounts or money off at 27%, second comes general interest about product or service at 24% and joint third place at 20% is prize draw and brand familiarity. These statistics should help in your decisions as to what to include in your own small business email marketing campaign.

One example in the ‘real’ world small business email marketing success I can think of is a dog breeder who started a monthly newsletter with photos of the dogs they had available. This meant that if a person came by and didn’t want any of the dogs on that particular day, they could sign up for the email newsletter and get photos of new dogs sent to them each month, without having to visit the breeder’s home. Now these dogs were selling for about $1300 a pop, so this was a brilliant way to keep in touch with potential dog buyers.

You just need to look to the Fortune Global 500 corporations to see more examples of email marketing success. They recognize that staying in touch with clients and customers through email can actually cut your advertising costs and get you more sales. With small business email marketing you can easily get to the stage where an email blast is more successful than a £2,000 for a full page newspaper ad.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started then…

Start a Home Based Internet Business and Live From it With Less Than $130

Is it possible to launch your own home based internet business for less than $130? Yes you can and here is how you can do it. During the current slow economic time, many people are searching for ways to make some extra money. A lot of people are looking to the internet to start a part time business from home. If you are working on a limited budget, choose the Affiliate Marketing route. Affiliate marketing has been around for years and many people are running it as a full time home business.

Affiliate marketing is a business arrangement between a merchant and you as their online partner. To get involved as an affiliate is quite easy. First, go to Clickbank.com and sign up as their affiliate. Clickbank is one the most popular network that promotes digital products on the internet. When your registration is approved, you will be given your own unique tracking ID. Registration is free and you can now start selling hundreds of information products offered under the network.

To make money from the internet, you need to have your own web site. Your next step is to buy a domain. Head over to GoDaddy.com and purchase a domain for $9.99. Next, you need a place to host your web pages. Do your research for hosting services on the web. Generally, a good hosting service will cost you $9.95 monthly. When you multiplied that by 12 months, it will cost you $120 annually to run your internet business.

When you design your web site, remember to embed your affiliate ID into the programming codes. This is to ensure you are being credited when you make a sale. When everything is set, you are now ready to start building visitors traffic to your site. You can use a free but powerful traffic strategy known as Written Marketing or Article Marketing.